Maintenance : Prevent downtime & protect your business. It is adviceable to undertake preventive maintenance rather than breakdown maintenance.




A standard Genset is usually supplied with a manual control panel having fail safe unit, oil pressure guage, coolant temperature guage, battery charging indicator, line voltage indicator, line current indicator etc. In this case, the engine is started from its own control panel and after the rated speed and voltage have been attained the switch in the manual panel is put on to connect the Genset to the load.


AMF panel and generator packages are designed to provide emergency power during a mains supply failure. During operation, the control panel of the AMF monitors the mains entering the building. If a mains failure occurs, the panel will disconnect the mains from the load, the generator is started and its output connected to the load. (The load being appliances, lights, etc in use within the house/office/factory at the time of mains failure).

The generator continues to supply the building until the mains supply returns. The generator then automatically disconnects, stops and the mains is re-connected to the load. The AMF panel reverts to the standby mode ready to respond in the event of another mains failure.

Synchronizing & Load Sharing Panel

Synchronization Control is normally done when there are more than one generator supplying power to the same destination. The power need may vary in demand and the system will automatically reduce or increase the power supply by automatically starting and stopping of the generator sets.

This system enables Paralleling Function (Auto tripping, closing, auto paralleling, disconnection, auto load shifting, distribution).